Free adoption weekend in Berks County

VIDEO: Free adoptions in Berks County

READING, Pa. – If you’re looking for a new companion this holiday season, you may want to stop by the Humane Society of Berks County.

This weekend, all adoptions are free.

The event is off to a good start. All of the center’s dogs have already found a home.

“It’s an awesome problem to have, essentially, that all dogs have already been placed into homes,” said Chelsea Cappellano with the Humane Society of Berks County.

However, plenty of other pets are still waiting.

“There are still plenty of cats and some critters available for adoption for the rest of the weekend,” added Cappellano.

All the animals are spayed or neutered and microchipped. Folks looking to adopt still have to go through the regular application process.

“If it’s for a gift or not, we want to be sure that an adoption is a forever thing,” explained Cappellano.

The center says while it’s not common for pets to be returned after the holidays, it does happen.

That’s why it urges people to do their research.

“You just want to be sure, it’s a life-long commitment, and that you’ll be able to take care of them in the way that they’ll be needed to be taken care of,” said Cappellano.

The free adoptions run through Sunday until 5 p.m.

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