Fearne Cotton’s honest parenting admission about ‘windy’ daughter has people crying with laughter

Fearne Cotton was left stifling her “howling” laughter this morning when her little daughter let slip a little more than was necessary at her older brother’s school play.

The presenter and Celebrity Juice star was crying with laughter after her toddler Honey, two, let rip while Rex, four, was performing.

“I have just laughed so hard I cried. Proper wild and uncontrollable giggling,” she revealed in a series of tweets showing the real – and slightly gross – side of parenting.

Honey feeding the ducks

Fearne was howling with laughter while her son’s class were performing

“During Rex’s school play, there was a perfect moment of silence.

“Honey, who was sat watching with us in the audience, filled this gap with a very loud and gutsy fart.”

She added: “Howling! Howling laughter!”

And her followers loved the honest anecdote, with one telling her: “Ha ha, save that gem for her wedding speech!”

She shared the honest parenting post with fans, knowing they’d love it

Another said: “Nothing worse than an awkward silence! Got to fill it somehow!”

And a third told her: “She must have been saving it for just such a moment.”

But another pointed out the danger of letting rip in such a public place.

“Unfortunately, you and Honey are probably the only people who knew it was Honey. Eyes of suspicion scan the room,” he said.

Fearne brought out her first children’s cook book this year

She revealed how her young kids can be fussy with food

Fearne has a policy of sharing the often-gruelling aspects of motherhood, particularly making sure her kids eat a balanced diet.

Earlier this year she brought out her first children’s cook book, Cook, Eat, Love, and told Mirror Online that her little monsters can be very fussy.

“I WISH they would eat like us!” she revealed.

Fearne with husband Jesse Wood

“They’re very young so they’re good with some foods and fussy with other things.

“They both eat proteins like fish and sausages and carbs, but Rex loves eggs, while Honey won’t look at one. She loves sweet potato and he will only eat broccoli.

“But these are quirks they’ll get over with age, time and perseverance.”

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