Family celebrates new milestone with adoption

Continuing a festive tradition started years ago, the Majors family celebrated a new milestone as Matt Majors of Superior adopted his three stepchildren Saturday at Adams County Court.

The Nuckolls County adoption cases had been transferred to Adams County for the final hearing so the family could participate in National Adoption Day.

Family and friends came to wish the Majorses well as they took the final step to legally forging them together.

Matt and Amber had been high school friends who lost touch over the years but reconnected through Facebook several years ago. They shared a common interest in woodworking and now work together in that profession. Four years ago, the two were married.

For nearly a year, the family has been working on the final step to mesh the family together — Matt’s adoption of Amber’s three children, Janison, 14, Cecily, 12, and Preston, 10.

“It’s been a load off to finally get it all taken care of,” Matt said. “I’m really excited to have everybody on the same page.”

The children seemed equally as pleased with the outcome and all the fuss over celebrating their adoption.

“We’re finally getting a father who’s always there for you,” Janison said.

During the final proceedings in the courtroom, each child received a teddy bear in honor of the late Judge Michael Offner. Offner started the tradition for National Adoption Day in the 10th Judicial District. Adoption held a special place in Offner’s heart because he had been adopted himself and was also an adoptive parent.

After Judge Michael Burns finalized the adoption for the record, family and friends were invited to attend a celebration at the Hastings Family YMCA.

Magician Bruce Jacoby of Lincoln provided a magic show for entertainment to start the event. Children were invited to play in other areas of the facility after lunch.

Amber said the activities help make the adoption special for the children and reinforces their importance.

Matt agreed. “It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate all these adoptions.”

The Majorses’ attorney in the cases was Josh Johnson of Hastings.

He said having an event to celebrate adoptions is much better than holding final hearings behind closed doors, as adoptions had been handled in the past. In the courtroom, judges have tried to make the proceedings more relaxed and welcoming for the children.

“It’s more of a celebration now,” Johnson said. “They really make it special.”

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