Families unite in special adoption ceremony


Many families came together in unity today to celebrate the gift of adoption in this year’s national adoption awareness month ceremony

Today’s event not only finalized the adoption process for these families, but it gave these kids a second chance at life

“It used to be behind closed doors finalizations and that started national adoption day and other communities and other states were having a public finalizations, where the judges were agreeing to come to venues and finalize.” said Diana Tolstedt, a recruiter for Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program.

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard echoed with laughter and tears as families stand before District Court Judge Michael Moses in their finalizations.

In partnership with Wendy’s, the Dave Thomas foundation, and Montana children family services, the celebration is designed to honor adoptive families and spread awareness.

Robert Nelson and his wife were all smiles after they were finally able to adopt their grandson. They said they worked endlessly with their adoption worker to make him theirs.

“We started with Bonnie from when he was five weeks old, working with her as our worker. Almost two years before it finally goes to where he’s ours and it’s permanent.” said Nelson.  

Finally at nineteen months old, their grandson Robert Alexander Nelson has a permanent home.

“They are finding permanency.” They were removed from their homes out of no fault on their own and they can have a childhood.” Tolstedt adds. “They can grow up and have a family.”

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