Families celebrate national adoption day

ST. ALBANS, Vt. (WCAX) On National Adoption Day, 29 kids from across Vermont left a courtroom to go to a new permanent home.

Norman, Jeremiah, and Jasper Powers Jasper were adopted Friday. Scott Powers and Krystin Valenti are the lucky parents.

The couple, with five biological children, also adopted little Cody and Haley this year, bringing the family total to ten kids.

“Grandparents came from New York and New Hampshire,” said Valenti. “We got flowers.”

“Nothing’s for certain until it’s written in paper, and today, it’s on paper,” said Scott Powers. “It’s done. They’re ours, just exciting and just a relief.”

The kids made posters for the special day. When asked what the word adoption meant, Jeremiah said, “You’ll never go back.”

“That’s exactly what it means,” said Scott Powers. “You’re ours forever. You’re never going to go back.”

The Department for Children and Families says many Vermont children are adopted by their foster parents. But it’s not an easy road. There are many steps that take time and patience.

“That includes background checks and a home study licensing process, where a social worker will meet with the family,” said Karen Shea, the DCF Deputy Commissioner.

So far this year, there have been about 240 adoptions in Vermont. DCF is expecting that number to rise to 300, which would be a record breaker for the state.

Judge Larry Bruce says he has never signed off on so many adoptions before. “The joy we see on families is truly wonderful and I feel honored and very pleased to be part of that process,” he said.

Now that all is official and secure, Valenti and Powers are looking forward to a bright future with their growing kids.

“More families should do it. You’d be surprised,” said Powers.

There are currently 1,300 children in DCF custody. In Vermont, 80 kids who are legally freed for adoption are still looking for permanent families.

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