Dothan family shares their adoption miracle for ‘Adoption Awareness Month’

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – While many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families on Thursday, there are millions of children still looking for homes.

Alison Sanders and her husband adopted seven-year-old Samuel from China less than a year ago. She is a founding board member of Forever Families, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance for families adopting here and abroad.

“It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life, watching the transformation in him over the past 9 months. It truly has,” said Sanders.

Since then, he’s learned to speak English, and Samuel has taught them a little Chinese mandarin. Allie Ruth joined the family from China four years ago when she was two and a half.

“There are millions of children who need a family. And we had room in our hearts and room in our home so we wanted to jump into it. God led us to China, we really can’t explain to you why, except that’s just where we knew we were supposed to go.”

The adoption process was a lengthy one, including paper work after more paper work and home studies with a social worker, It was 18 months before they were able to bring Allie Ruth home. But now, they’re a “blonde haired” family of six.

Both Allie Ruth and Samuel have albinism, with little to no pigment in their eyes, hair and skin, and they couldn’t be more loved!

“A child is a child. I don’t care where you are born. If you’re an orphan child and in need of a family, our heart’s desire is to see you have a family,” added Sanders.

November is recognized as “Adoption Awareness Month.” Forever Families is holding an auction to raise grant money for adopting families. You can go to for information and to pre-register.

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