Dogs spared: Residents respond to local shelter’s adoption plea

(KWTX) Fifteen dogs that Central Texas Humane Society officials feared they would have to euthanize were spared Thursday after the public responded to a free adoption offer and a plea for help after a local shelter was flooded with surrendered pets and strays.

The response was so strong that the Waco Animal Shelter remained open past closing time Thursday as residents lined up to look for pets to adopt.

By 8 p.m., 24 dogs and four cats were adopted.

The adoptions opened up desperately needed kennel space.

Thirty more animals arrived Thursday at the Waco shelter, Humane Society of Central Texas Director Don Bland said, bringing the total received in the past two days to 66, including 13 dogs and three cats seized Wednesday from a home in Hewitt.

Since Monday, the shelter has accepted 80 dogs, he said.

“According to my staff, after yesterday’s seizure in Hewitt of 13 animals and a number of other animals being brought in, we need 12 to15 kennels right now (and) a decision on how many we will need to euthanize will be made this afternoon,” Bland said earlier in the day Thursday.

The dogs that were seized in Hewitt on Wednesday must be kept for 20 days for legal reasons, taking up 16 spaces that force the removal of other animals at the shelter at 2032 Circle Rd.

The shelter will offer free adoptions again on Friday.

The Killeen Animal Shelter at 3118 Commerce Dr. is also offering free adoptions until further notice after an influx of surrendered pets and strays.

“It’s raining cats and dogs at the Killeen Animal Shelter, which means a downpour of deals for you,” the city said in a Facebook post Thursday morning.

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