Davenport family paying it forward for adoption

One East Davenport family is paying it forward for a special reason. Katie and Sam Froelich are adopting a baby girl from Florida at the end of January. 

Knowing the adopting process was going to cost over $34,000, they took out a loan to cover the cost. 

“We don’t feel comfortable asking for money,” said Katie. 

But when their first adoption attempt fell through, they were faced with a financial setback. Rather than start a GoFundMe page, they wanted to earn the money the received. The Froelich’s partnered with the Tennesse-based organization, Both Hands, to help those who could help them. 

As of Tuesday night, they’d raised $2,295 of their $10,000 goal. 

Unlike GoFundMe, which takes a portion of the proceeds as a “fee,” Both Hands organization gives 100 percent of the proceeds back to the Froelich family. 

It’s a warm welcome when you walk into the Froelich’s family home. With their two sons, Vincent and Norbert, and two dogs, it’s a full house. But if you ask the Froelich family, they’ll tell you there is still someone missing. 

“It’s just great to grow a family this way and be able to help a kid who needs love,” said Katie. 

While they are able to have kids on their own, Sam and Katie say adoption has always been in the cards.  

“We have so much space in our hearts for more kids, and it feels like an amazing way to grow our family,” said Sam. 

But it didn’t take long before there were bumps in the road. 

“You get these situations, and then you get these kids, and then you get these no’s, and then it’s like wow that was so much harder than I was expecting it to be,” said Katie. 

After the failed adoption attempt set them back financially, they realized they couldn’t do this alone. 

 “We didn’t know that baby but it felt like mourning because ugh, you know?” 

After helping widows in Rock Island and Moline, they say the experience was even better than they expected. 

“What seems to simple, can really dramatically impact someone’s life,” said Sam. 

Now they’re ready to not only introduce their new addition to the family, but to the friends they’ve made along the way. 

“This little girl hasn’t even been born yet, and she’s alreasy touched and brought together so many lives,” said Katie.

“They’ve become a part of our baby girl’s story,” said Sam. 

If you want to donate to Sam and Katie Froelich and their family, you can do so here. 

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