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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-– A Utah couple says the man arrested for adoption fraud charges, Paul Petersen, is responsible for their own adoption horror story.

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Dallas and Angie Lundquist said they paid Petersen for his help adopting a Marshallese baby after they met him through a friend of a friend of a friend.

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“What happened to us was everything that could have gone wrong that did go wrong,” said Angie. “That’s why he is you know, why he is where he is.”

The Lundquists felt something off when they first met their baby girl’s birth mom.

“The whole time was I don’t know that she wants to give the baby up,” said Dallas. “That’s what this feels like.”

They say Peterson chalked it up to a language barrier.

“They have us go home with the baby, and that’s when we get the call that no, she’s really not up for giving her kid up for adoption, and we’re already at home with the kid,” said Dallas.

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“Paul wanted to use the interpreter that he had to interpret all the legal signing and documents and all that,” said Angie. “Our attorney was pretty forceful with getting another non-interested party to do the interpretation. That’s when it all came out. She said, well am I going to get the baby back at 18? She didn’t understand what she was signing up for because she had all these questions.”

The couple was told the birth mom would not sign the adoption papers.

“I remember that day when we had to take our baby to the attorney’s office, walking into his building, and I set the baby down, and I just fell into his arms sobbing,” said Angie. “He was the only thing keeping me from falling on the floor because I was so devastated.”

Almost a year later, the baby’s nursery still sits empty.

“The question, was she ever really interested in giving up the baby? I don’t know that she was, that there ever was any intention,” said Dallas. “He’ll swear up and down that’s exactly what it was…”

The couple’s attorney was able to help them get the fees back they paid to Petersen.

They still lost a lot of money on traveling fees and things they bought the birth mom.

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