Council adoption next for 2019/20 budget and millage rates –

By Seth Kinker,

The city of Chelsea held their second public hearing for the budget, millage, and rates of the 2019/20 fiscal year.

A summary of the current fiscal year was given including projects that were finished like the Palmer Commons, the Mack building renovation, a road safety audit of Freer and Dexter- Chelsea road, and Wenley street paving.

The city’s estimated cash fund balance for this year will be $900,000, $50,000 more than last year with the increase coming from increased property tax revenues.

Much like other municipalities, the largest general fund expenditures are salaries and wages, defined benefit pension expense, post retirement employee benefits, and infrastructure improvements.

General operating (11.2), municipal streets (1.22), solid waste (.7355) and the DDA (1.6280) all had the same millage rates proposed as last year. Management of the city’s rescues offset tax and revenue decreases over the past few years.

Next comes approving the budget and setting the millage on Jun. 3. The council will review public comments until then and an approved budget is planned to be on the city website by Jun. 7.

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