ClearRead CT Adoption Continues to Accelerate

DAYTON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Riverain Technologies’ ClearRead CT, recognized as a semi-finalist in
the “Best New Software in Radiology” category for the Minnie awards,
continues to accelerate adoption sequentially, quarter after quarter
since FDA approval in September, 2016. Riverain’s ClearRead
install base has expanded in the U.S. as leading institutions see
the value in its efficient and effective detection of lung nodules
across all chest CTs, including lung cancer screening exams. Purchases
by the University of Michigan Medical Center, Saint Luke’s Kansas City
and Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates add to an already impressive
list such as Duke University and Einstein Medical Center along with
leading sites across Europe and Japan.

Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates has adopted ClearRead CT across
three facilities to improve patient care in their community. The
adoption was based on a demonstrated strong value proposition around
reading efficiency and improved nodule detection performance as part of
a prospective trial.

“Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates prides itself on being a leader
and ensuring our community has access to affordable high quality imaging
utilizing the best possible technology. We use the ClearRead CT software
across our outpatient imaging network in central Connecticut, including
those performing lung cancer screening,” said Paul Masotto, Executive
Director at Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates. “ClearRead CT was
easily installed and integrated into our daily workflow. We are seeing
immediate value.”

ClearRead CT is the first advanced visualization product cleared by the
FDA for concurrent reading, enabling radiologists to read the original
series and the processed CT series simultaneously. ClearRead CT is
proven to achieve a 26% reduction in reading time and reduce missed
nodules by 29%. The technology processes CT scans from all manufacturers
and automatically places the processed series into the existing patient
file. The seamless integration and ability to process cases from varying
acquisition devices and protocols allows the ClearRead CT technology to
be rapidly deployed enterprise wide, allowing a standard of care for the
patient population within an enterprise health system.

“Riverain is excited to bring Naugatuck Valley Radiology Associates into
the ClearRead CT family as we expand into radiology reading groups based
on our strong value propositions around reading efficiency, reading
accuracy and enterprise wide imaging,” said Steve Worrell, CEO of
Riverain Technologies. “As CT data volume continues to increase, the
ability to improve nodule detection accuracy while improving efficiency
is increasingly important.”

ClearRead CT is proven to simultaneously improve both nodule detection
accuracy and reading efficiency, solving a critical need at a critical
time. ClearRead CT uses patented image normalization technology along
with deep learning models to provide a robust clinical solution.

Riverain Technologies has established itself as a dedicated partner to
thoracic radiologists and will be exhibiting at the Radiological
Society of North America (RSNA)
conference in Chicago, IL, November
26th – 30th. Visit booth #3710 or #8149P in the
Machine Learning Showcase to learn more about the ClearRead CT

Riverain Technologies

Riverain Technologies is a medical software innovator that develops
solutions to aid radiologists in the early detection of disease. With
the use of Riverain’s ClearRead Xray and ClearRead CT, radiologists are
able to optimize the use of existing equipment. This enables
radiologists to better utilize their diagnostic expertise in image
interpretation for identification of diseases, such as lung cancer. For
more information visit:

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