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NANJING, China, Sept. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As early as 2015, CPN began a forward-looking layout and successfully completed an IPO in Hong Kong. As the leading internet community in the maternal and infant industry and strong investments in health, education, entertainment and family travel. Cheng Li, CEO of CPN, said, the maternal and infant industry competition pattern has quietly changed. It shall not only focus on the entry and other local battlefields, but also to win the battle of long-term strategic layout.

Over the past 12 years, CPN has been developing in the maternal and infant field. After a large amount of data accumulation, it has been analyzed that the users’ demands are diversified and independent at different stages, and the demand is complex and subdivided. It requires multiple vertical segmentation services, involving health, education, entertainment and other fields. In addition, maternal and infant users have short life cycles and fast iterations, with a natural short plank, while maternal and infant professional services can meet a wide range of long-term demands, to greatly extend the user’s life cycle.

Deploy maternal and infant health

The advent of the second-child era in China impacts the limited resources of existing public hospitals, and private hospitals and internet platforms have gradually created a variety of value-added services for out-of-hospital scenarios. How to occupy the highland in the maternal and infant medical field will become the basis for the long-term development and competition of various platforms. Recently, CPN announced its investment in Baicheng Medical Technology (, “Chenglin Chengli”), Chenglin Chengli General Community Clinic and other emerging enterprises in the medical field. Baicheng Medical Technology provides a one-stop integrated information system construction for the hospital, and builds an entire medical service platform covering pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis, which has leading system capabilities and product advantages in the field of cloud service-based family medicine and smart healthcare. This is conducive to helping CPN connect and serve the mother and infant family groups through the Internet.

In addition, relying on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, Baicheng has developed a variety of medical equipment-level intelligent hardware and corresponding systems, such as medical monitoring equipment and smart equipment for the elderly, realized the networking function for general medical equipment, completed a closed-loop chain of business services, platforms, hardware, etc., to empower and optimize hospital operations. Meanwhile, to explore regional medical cooperation and solve the problem of mother and infant groups for medical treatment nearby is one of the missions of community clinics. In the systematic promotion of regional medical services, CPN is in line with the original intention of Chenglin Chengli.

Chenglin Chengli is a new type of community medical institution that provides general medical services for different crowds, and creates offline health services based on users’ demands. Chenglin Chengli has expanded in many parts of Beijing  achieving positive operational results.

Improving the family happiness index is a key direction for CPN. The strategic cooperation with the emerging medical enterprises will be conducive to serving the mother and infant families, optimizing the health management and medical service level, and strengthening the layout of health field. For partners, as an outstanding leader in mother-infant platforms, CPN has many years of online and offline resources, AI and big data technologies to help medical platforms apportion network construction and operating costs and further strengthen competition barrier.

Leading the education industry:

While investing in the health field, CPN is also exploring more ecological development paths. Children’s education is an indispensable part of household consumption, which is also the field that CPN has concerned for a long term. Recently, CPN has announced plans to enter the online education field, education sharing services and other fields. The online education platform provides education, marketing and social networking services for the customers across the network for merchants through the distribution of audio and video content and the management capability of the community. It can effectively expand and complement the service capability of the big customers of CPN under the ubiquitous network conditions. Cheng Li, CEO of CPN, said that the investment in online education will help CPN integrate the resources of offline education institutions, provide online education opportunities for maternal and infant crowds and families, solve the problem that offline institutions cannot expand the resources of students in different places, increase the interaction between teachers and students, and improve the interestingness, which is also the pain point of the majority of small educational institutions.

CPN said that the above layout in the field of online education will further enrich the company’s education business model and effectively extend the online education service capacity of CPN for the families with infants and children. Through empowering institutions or individuals, it can constantly meet the diversified education demands of educational institutions and families and expand the age level of the crowd.

According to relevant data, it is estimated that by the end of 2018, the number of parent-child users in China will reach 286 million, and the market size will reach RMB 50 billion. The thematization, entertaining education and intellectualization will become a direction for development in the parent-child platform under the background of consumption upgrade. As a strategic partner of CPN, leading the field of offline integrated marketing services, the “parent-child weekend” creates a decision-making guide for the consumption of new middle-class families in China. In the “parent-child weekend”, users can easily realize the demands for parent-child activities, family life services, family life communication at the same age in the same city with beautiful life sharing. “Parent-child weekends” focus on the social consumption of the families with infants and children, drawing the user portrait based on big data, it customizes and recommends the optimal activities and solves the pain points of parents’ weekend and holiday time management and children’s demand for diversified activities.

CPN said that it hopes to carry out the integration of online and offline channels through the platform, give full play to the synergy effect, scale advantage and stream guidance effect of parent-child business, and obtain traffic access for the core products of the company, which will actively promote the company’s main business.

Embrace high and new technology:

Behind the development of emerging technologies, the demand for big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology continues to grow, which provide a very broad application scenario. It will undoubtedly drive the entire industry chain and value chain behind the technology. By investing in a team with core blockchain technology and application scenarios, it can not only obtain cutting-edge technologies, but also enable the development of CPN to occupy the front end of maternal and infant internet enterprises, and effectively extend the service scope of household consumption. Recently, CPN has set foot in the blockchain and AI fields in the form of capital injection, providing technical reserves for the fields. In terms of the parenting industry, the combination of blockchain technology and the real economy is the largest opportunity, such as e-commerce business, medical services, financial services, media services.

Relevant data shows that the core products of CPN, such as Pregnancy app, MamaBBS app and other all-media products, have accumulatively covered more than 200 million users. The team has hundreds of experts and editors. Through 12 years of operation, there is a huge accumulation of core product data. Through data mining, data analysis and other information technologies, it will promote product update iterations and provide better service for the users. While actively deploying the ecosystem, CPN will also obtain professional data generated from various fields.

Taking health and education as examples, both the medical and the education systems can obtain the most direct and objective data, which can be reserved as strategic resources for the future development of the maternal and infant industry. The data can not only be used to complement and upgrade each other in all fields, but also feed the core products, and analyze the behavior and habits of maternal and infant users, so as to provide the most appropriate services and effectively solve the actual demands of users. With the support of big data, CPN can develop new products and applications, fill the gap in the market, and provide personalized solutions that are worth entrusting along the way.

To deploy a series of chain reactions through the core community products – content + data + engergization – the maternal and infant ecosystem is in line with the all-round development route of CPN that takes the family as the core, giving the household consumption demand more service types. This system also indicates the key points of future ecological strategic layout of CPN: a ubiquitous maternal and infant intelligent family ecosphere based on core products, supported by cutting-edge technologies such as big data, AI, and blockchain with strategic investment as the means. As the pioneer of the upgrading layout, the strategic investment of CPN in the ecological field is only a small step. Guided by household consumption that will provide diversified multi-scenario services and constantly create an intelligent family lifestyle will be the direction for the continuous exploration of CPN.

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