California Textbook Adoption Is Victory For Anti-Hindus

The adoption of History Social-Science textbooks by the California State Board of Education is a massive victory for Hindu-phobic bigots in California and the United States.

The textbooks characterize Hinduism in a very offensive manner and perpetuate racist stereotypes of Hindus and Hinduism. The same textbooks teach mythological claims of Abrahamic religions as though they were historical facts. A combination of corruption, racism, bigotry, hypocrisy and intellectual inferiority has resulted in the California Framework describing the Exodus as a historical event and Jesus and Mohammed as actual historical characters even though there is no evidence for these events or characters.

Although the SBE rejected the textbook by Harcourt, which was offensive to Hindus, they adopted the textbooks of several other publishers that perpetuate theory that a race of pure Aryans were the inventors of civilization.

This is not a victory for Hindus but for hypocrites and bigots. Hindu groups that claim victory are dishonest and are doing a disservice to Hindus. They are self-serving opportunists misguiding people into believing that they deliver results. In fact, these are highly organized groups that effectively sabotage the efforts of sincere and effective activists who are painstakingly working towards a fair and equitable outcome.

I appeal to Hindus to unite and continue to fight for their rights and oppose the organizations that were calling this a victory. These organizations are like the group of Indians in the colonial era who desired to become part of the British establishment by applauding British rule while undermining Indian freedom fighters.

Tushar Pandya

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