Boy aspired to help animals through adoption

OMAHA, Neb, (WOWT) — A little boy’s love of animals is inspiring a mission to help as many as he can. Easton Fiala is in the fifth grade and he already knows what he wants to be.

“Ever since he was in kindergarten he said he wants to be a zookeeper. He wants to work with animals,” said Easton’s mother Jill Fiala.

His passion began early, when his parents adopted his favorite animal for him, an African lion.

“I think the first time we went to the zoo he was just kind of mesmerized my them, so we adopted a lion and he just thought it was the coolest thing,” she said. “That was years ago and he still has the picture in his room.”

When he learned about the work the zoo does to protect animals through the adoption program, he knew he wanted to help.

Jill: “He said, ‘you know what I think I’m gonna adopt an animal’ and he’s looking at all—the whole list of animals right and what did you say? When you were looking at the animals you couldn’t pick one?”

Easton:” I couldn’t pick one.”

Jill: “You couldn’t pick just one. So he said ‘why can’t I adopt ’em all?’”

He’s been working hard to reach his goal.

“I sold water and Gatorade at a local event,” said Easton. “It feels great! It’s really heartwarming.”

All this, because Easton believes in the zoo’s mission of conservation.

“Please help these animals ’cause you never know when they might go extinct,” he said.

If you’d like to help Easton reach his goal you can donated by visiting or clicking here.

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