Birth Mother: More counseling needed in the adoption process

Birth Mother: More counseling needed in the adoption process
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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Right now in Utah, the law requires the agency or attorney handling the adoption to offer three counseling sessions to the birth mother. But many women waive their rights, to avoid burdening the adoptive parents who often pay the bill. 

Adoption Coordinator and therapist Liesl Einerson says the benefit of ethical counseling is worth every penny.

“Clinical observations tell us that women who get counseling have long term better mental health outcomes. They are less likely to have another unplanned pregnancy and they are better connected to their community resources,” said Einerson. 

The Children’s Service Society in Salt Lake City offers free birth parent support groups, and one-on-one therapy is available on a sliding payment scale. 

Watch the full report above to meet a birth mother and hear her experience with counseling during the adoption process. 

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