Appcues for Product Adoption Launches Enabling Non-Coding Professionals to Create Personalized Product …

the user engagement platform, today announced Appcues
for Product Adoption
to help companies accelerate usage and
retention through personalized experiences at scale. Many companies
today expend human capital to drive onboarding and feature discovery
processes, however, Appcues for Product Adoption supports a product-led
mindset in which ease-of-use increases adoption rates and stickiness.
This platform particularly benefits product marketers, product managers,
growth marketers, and any team who has a stake in building, growing, and
retaining an active and healthy user base.

“For modern software businesses, the product is what customers interact
with first, so for this reason, the first impression must be
remarkable,” said Jonathan Kim, CEO and co-founder, Appcues. “Appcues
for Product Adoption brings the power of personalization into a product,
and more importantly, makes it simple and fun for everyone, especially
non-developers, to create native, engaging user experiences.”

Appcues for Product Adoption is designed to enable companies to directly
reach, influence, and engage users from within their products. The new
platform merges features for product onboarding and activation with
targeting and analytics tools. Other benefits of Appcues for Product
Adoption include:

  • User-Friendly Editor: Create beautiful, native-looking user
    experiences without coding.
  • Powerful Segmentation: Target users based on behaviors and personas,
    pushing content that is relevant and contextual.
  • Unique Reports and Integrations: Leverage data from Appcues and over
    15 third-party integrations to optimize impact.

“Since implementing Appcues by Product Adoption, our business benefits
from significant increases in user adoption and retention rates,” said
Peter Clark, Director of Growth, AdRoll. “By incorporating in-product
messages and tours, opposed to traditional emails and blog posts, we’ve
seen new feature activation grow by 20 percent. As personalization and
ease-of-use are now the key to increasing product adoption, we consider
this platform essential in engaging new and existing users.”

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About Appcues

Appcues is a user engagement platform that accelerates growth for
companies by helping them put their products to work. By creating unique
user interface patterns that are customized and on-brand, Appcues
enables anyone to improve conversion and reduce churn by making their
product experiences user-friendly and personalized. With Appcues, any
company that is investing in its product can make it more usable and
feature-rich for customers.

Founded in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, companies depend on Appcues to
improve user engagement and product adoption rates. Learn more at
and follow us on Twitter @Appcues.

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