Answer Line: The latest adoption, euthanasia figures from the Longview animal shelter

QUESTION: I was just wondering if the new animal shelter had reported any adoption and euthanasia statistics since they opened?

ANSWER: The News-Journal has reported those numbers previously, but Shannon DeRosa, executive director of the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center, provided me with the latest figures, for the period from July 1 through Tuesday.

The center took in 8,015 animals during that time. That included 1,269 animals surrendered by their owners, 137 returned adoptions, 2,827 animals seized by animal control or law enforcement and 3,035 strays brought to the center by members of the public. The remainder included wildlife brought to the center, or animals that were microchipped, for instance.

Out of that, about 40 percent, or 3,232 animals, were euthanized, mostly for medical or behavioral issues. DeRosa reported that total included 1,789 animals euthanized for medical issues that were beyond treatment and 787 animals euthanized for behavior issues.

Sixteen percent of the euthanized animals were because the shelter had reached capacity. (Owner-requested euthanasia and wildlife accounted for the remaining cases.)

The flip side of that is 2,249 animals were adopted, while 612 were returned to their owners and 1,211 were transferred to animal rescue organizations. (The remainder included animals that were dead on arrival or that were wildlife releases.)

Q: I have a rural mail carrier. My mail comes at all hours of the day. I never know when it will be delivered. Is it unreasonable to expect my mail to come at the same time each day?

A: A spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service told me it would not be typical for the time of your mail delivery to vary widely, by hours, each day.

The postal service doesn’t promise service at exactly the same time every day, though. There could be some variations based on the number of packages a carrier has to deliver, for instance. And of course, we’re entering the busy season for packages. Delivery times also could be affected if your usual carrier is out on vacation or sick.

If you’re having continuing issues in which your mail delivery takes place “at all hours of the day,” you should contact your local post office and ask for the manager or postmaster.

Q: I was recently searching for support groups for infertility and came across a blog from California that referenced an article from a Dr. Yancey that must have been printed in the Longview News-Journal. The quotes he referenced really hit home for my husband and me. How would I go about finding the full article?

A: The column you mentioned ran on Oct. 15, 2016, in the News-Journal. (And it is a wonderful article). You still can find the article on the newspaper’s website, by visiting and typing in “Chris Yancey” in the search option at the top of the page.

If you have a Longview Public Library card, you also could find it through the library’s online NewsBank database of News-Journal articles.

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