An adoption to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

by Emily Baucum, Fox San Antonio

An adoption to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

SAN ANTONIO – November is National Adoption Awareness Month, which is quite fitting since it’s also when we open our homes for Thanksgiving.

After all, adoption is giving your heart to a child who so desperately needs your love.

“I love kids,” Libby Querry says. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom.”

For any elementary school teacher, kids are a calling. For Querry, motherhood was quite literally a call.

“They called me and said, ‘We have a two-day old. Do you want us to put in your information?’ And I said, ‘Sure, why not,’” she remembers.

Querry begins to laugh.

“And they called back 15 minutes later and said, ‘We picked you!’ And I said, ‘Oh, okay!’”

The baby was just two days old, and no one had ever really held her.

“I actually held her all night long the first night that I had her, and had a dream her name was Mia – which, in the end, means: wished for,” Querry says.

Right now, about 5,000 children in our area are wishing for homes. The Children’s Shelter helped facilitate little Mia’s journey from fosterhood to adoption for a reason that’s all too common.

“The majority of the time, the way children are being removed is neglectful supervision,” says Anais Miracle with The Children’s Shelter. “So you do have children who are primarily being removed because there is substance use with their parents.”

This Thanksgiving has special meaning in the Querry home. Libby formally, officially, legally adopted Mia one week ago.

“Once they put that child in your arms, whether it be a two-day-old or a five-year-old or even a 12-year-old, your heart just fills up with love,” the mother says. “And you just think: she saved me.”

Fostering or adoption is a big decision, and if you’d like more information on what it takes call The Children’s Shelter at (210) 212-2590.


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