The Eriksons had two biological children and one adopted child. John Erikson wasn’t sure he was ready to expand his family again after he met a Colombian refugee. But adopted daughter Zerfe, convinced him they had plenty to share.
Brian Powers/The Register

In a letter in the Nov. 12 Register, a writer asks, “How will we care for the children who are unwanted?” She says a child will suffer and possibly perish after birth as the mother many not be able to adequately nurture the child. The answer is to put the child up for adoption.

Estimates are that in most years, there are up to 2 million couples wishing to adopt. So there are up to 36 couples wanting to adopt for every child put up for adoption. This is why 25 percent of all adoptions in this country are of children born outside of this country.

We tried for two years to adopt domestically with no luck. We were willing to take a child of any race including those with disabilities. We eventually adopted two blind children from China. There are many agencies in the Des Moines area that will aid a mother with the cost of having her child if she is willing to consider giving the child up for adoption.

I do not understand the logic of killing an unborn child because you personally cannot care for it. Many families would consider that child a blessing to their family.

David C. Hammel, Urbandale                                     

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