OCALA, Fla. —  Adoption fraud can be cruel as it preys on the emotions of hopeful people who sometimes feel totally hopeless.

For some, adoption is the only way to expand their family.

But for Diana and Ryan Kane, adoption fraud cost them a baby girl.

The couple, already with three sons, have been trying for a fourth child for six years.

Diana, who sells jewelry on Facebook, used the social platform to share her adoption story to connect with other women and find support.

One woman reached out to Diana, saying she was pregnant and wanted the couple to adopt her baby girl through a private adoption.

Diana and Ryan started decorating a nursery and prepared for their baby girl.

“She was telling me the symptoms that she was going through, how many times she ended up in the hospital because she was diabetic,” Diana said. “I sent her $54.30 for her medication.”

The birth mother, who said she’s from Chicago, sent Diana ultrasound videos and pictures.

But one of the pictures said “Our little Liam. It’s a boy.”

A reverse Google search determined that picture came from a blog in 2012.

Diana shared her disappointment on her Facebook page, but is trying to stay positive.

“I’m going to keep the room up and I’m going to have faith that if I can’t get pregnant naturally, that another opportunity will come along,” she said.

10News reporter Liz Crawford called the woman in question. She answered the phone but hung up once Crawford identified herself as a reporter.

The woman contacted Crawford a few days later.

She screamed, sweared and said “I won’t go to jail just for lying.” She claimed aid she only received $60 from the Kanes.

Diana and Ryan reported the incident to the Marion County Sheriff’s office, but no charges were filed.

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