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Eighteen years ago my life completely changed. I was found in the early morning in a busy market. Since it is against the law to give up a child in China, they must leave the child in a busy place so that the child can be brought to an orphanage. When I was found, I was about a day or two old. I lived in the orphanage for about nine months until I was adopted. In the Nov. 8 viewpoint “During National Adoption Month open your heart, home to a child,” Larry Rein said the act of adopting is truly significant. It requires a lot of compassion, patience and most of importantly love. Children who are adopted need to know that someone loves them and will take care of all their needs.

There are not just children in South Florida who need a family. There are children everywhere who need a loving family. Many are almost at the age where foster families are not an option anymore. From my experience of being adopted, I look back at how my life could have been on a different path than it is now. As Rein said, “these are good children … Children who await adoption not because of what they did, but because of what was done to them.”

Think about your life and all of your experiences and how it has shaped you into the person you are today. You would want a child to have their own experiences and grow. You could give a child new life with new life experiences that they wouldn’t have had if they have stayed in an orphanage. Adopting a child could change a child’s life like my adoption did. Consider my story and think about adoption and how you can change a life like mine.

Mira Rubin, Boca Raton

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