Abused dogs now up for adoption

MILLER COUNTY, AR – The Miller County Sheriff’s office says they’re done with an animal cruelty investigation and now those dogs are in need of a new home.

The investigation occurred during the week of Thanksgiving. 

‘Nina’ is a one year old mixed female. 

Deputies say ‘Nina’ is extremely friendly and eager to meet people.

‘G’ is a two year old mixed pit bull male. 

Deputies say ‘G’ is timid when approaching people and possibly suffered much more abuse, he will need to be the only dog, no cats, no children in the home. 

Texarkana Humane Society is only assisting the Sheriff’s Office in screening/ placing “Nina” and “G” and not currently housing under their program. 

If you are willing to be a long term home for these two please contact (903) 824-8117 for an application and inquiries.

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