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CENTERVILLE, MA – Three rabbits found skinny and frostbitten under a car in a parking lot in January are now available for adoption at the Cape Cod MSPCA. Tempeh, Jackfruit and Seitan were found cowering under a parked car at the Hyannis Whole Foods.

“The fact that they were all huddled together in the same place points to them being dropped there versus having escaped from a home,” Mary Sarah Fairweather, director of the MSPCA-Cape Cod animal care and adoption center, said in a statement.

Fairweather said the rabbits were underweight by about two pounds and would not have survived long outside in the freezing temperatures. They also suffered from frostbite, conjunctivitis and hair loss.

Tempeh required surgery to fix an “entropion” lid to his eye, which is a malformation that would ultimately lead to blindness.

“We’re so lucky that they were brought to us in time because if they didn’t die from exposure they could have easily succumbed to their illnesses,” Fairweather said. “Now that they’ve put on a bit of weight their futures look much brighter.”

The rabbits are now available for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting can email capeadoptions@mspca.org for more information about the rabbits and the adoption process.

To contribute to the MSPCA-Cape Cod’s Guardian Angel Fund, which helps pay for the medical care for animals in the Centerville adoption center, readers can click here.

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