34 cats from the US Virgin Islands will be up for adoption in Massachusetts

Videos courtesy St. John Animal Care Center

Thirty-four cats from the island of St. John are set to arrive in Nashua, New Hampshire, on Tuesday evening in a rescue arranged by MSPCA-Angell and the St. John Animal Care Center, according to a statement.

The cats were living in the island shelter before multiple hurricanes caused mass destruction to St. John and other Caribbean islands. With homes and infrastructure destroyed, the center hopes that cats transported to the continental United States will have a better chance at being adopted while allowing the center to dedicate resources to animals that have been displaced by the storms, said MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin in an email.

A cat takes a nap at the St. John Animal Care Center. —Photo courtesy St. John Animal Care Center

After the cats arrive in New Hampshire, they will be brought to the MSPCA-Nevins Farm in Methuen. There, they will spend 48 hours in isolation for medical checks before they are divided between the MSPCA’s adoption centers in Methuen, Boston, and Centreville (Cape Cod).

The majority of the cats are young adults, with one older cat and several kittens. The adult cats have already been spayed and neutered and have vaccinations. Those interested in adopting one of the cats can visit the farm on Wednesday or Thursday and apply to adopt.

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