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August and September are the months with the most births, so this seems like a good time to explore new parent tech. Can a few well-chosen gadgets make baby raising a little easier? Certainly, these three devices say.

Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor ($149.99, buybuybaby.com)

Is the baby sleeping? Is the baby too warm or too cold? With this clever little monitor, a new parent might actually be able to relax long enough to finish a few Real Housewives episodes. The Snuza Pico clips to a resting baby’s diaper and tracks breathing, movement, skin temperature, and sleep position, then streams it all to a smartphone app. New parents can monitor conditions from another room, getting peace of mind without hovering over the crib. The Snuza Pico is proactive, as well: If it doesn’t detect any movement for 15 seconds, it gently vibrates to wake the child. If there’s no movement for another 5 seconds, it sounds an alarm. A device like this could lead to better sleep for baby and parents, alike.

Decco ToddlerMonitor ($89.99, toddlermonitor.com)

Sure, Snuzas monitor kids in a crib, but the real danger comes when they start toddling around. Turn your back for a second, every parent knows, and they can disappear like a magician. Taking the worry out of toddling is the ToddlerMonitor, a simple alarm parents can hang over any doorknob. Like the Snuza Pico, this device pairs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth and alerts the parent of movement. Hang it on any door to learn if your two-year-old is trying to make a break for it. It’s made of food grade BPA-free material and is convenient for travel.

The First Years 4-in-1 Remote Control Bottle Warmer ($74.99, thefirstyears.com)

Middle of the night feedings get a little easier with this remote control bottle warmer. Load it up with a fresh bottle and some ice packs when you go to bed, and it stays cool for eight hours. When your baby’s cry lets you know it’s time for a feeding, a tap on a bedside remote button starts the warming cycle. When I first saw this, I wondered why it didn’t simply warm the bottle according to a set schedule. Oh, it’s because babies don’t have set schedules. I’m no parent, but this device should make the first year a little easier.

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