120 hoarded dogs from one home up for adoption

120 hoarded dogs from one home up for adoption
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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (News4Utah) Taylorsville leaders called it the worst animal hoarding case they’ve seen.

More than 100 small dogs lived in one house before being rescued on August 23.

Less than one week later, some of the dogs get their forever homes. 

“It’s meant to be. The timing is right. I think he’s just adorable,” Brenda Carder said while holding a young dog she’s name Prince.

The dog is one of a handful being adopted just days after they were rescued from an elderly woman’s home near 5700 Easton Street in Taylorsville. 

One-hundred and twenty Chihuahua-mixes lived together in such filth, hazmat crews rescued them.

“We’ve never seen something this big,” Taylorsville/West Valley City Animal Services Director David Moss said. 

The inundation overwhelmed the already packed shelter. 

“It definitely had an impact on us. We had to really scramble and move things around. It was a lot,” Moss said. 

Fifteen shelters and foster homes across the state stepped up and took dogs. Prior to that, Moss said employees spent hours documenting and accessing each one. 

“There are a few that we are still treating. There were some lice issues with most of them so we want to make sure those were taken care of before we adopt them out,” Moss said.

Considering where they came from, staff said they’re adjusting well. For Carder’s new dog, it’s a fairy-tale ending.

“He’s just going to be the king of the house,” Carder said.

For adoption information, contact the Taylorsville/West Valley City Animal Shelter at 801-965-5800.

One dog had to be put down because it was too sick to eat, Moss said.


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