12 Hilarious Comics That Prove Parenting Is A Tough Gig

Brian Gordon has been turning his parenting journey into the hilarious Fowl Language Comics for about four years now, to the delight of parents everywhere. And this October, he has his second book of funny parenting comics coming out, aptly titled Fowl Language: The Struggle Is Real.

Gordon usually creates a “bonus panel” for his comics, which are like a postscript to the original comic. He normally shares just the comics on their own, but he decided to include the bonus panels for each comic in the new book.

“I take more risks and get a little weirder with the bonus stuff, and I think people enjoy the unpredictability of that,” said Gordon. “People like to try and guess where the extra joke will go and I like when I can surprise them by going in an unexpected direction.”

Through his comics, Gordon has gotten the chance to travel around the world and chat with people about the struggles of parenting. “No matter who you are or where you’re from, we all want the best for our kids. We all want them to grow up happy and healthy,” he noted. “We love and cherish them with all our hearts and those little turds return the favor by making our lives as hard as humanly possible.”

Luckily, Gordon says he won’t be done creating parenting comics anytime soon. He explained, “If my kids ever get easy (and that’s a BIG if) maybe I’ll stop writing about them, but until then, making jokes about my life is my best coping strategy I’ve got.” Enjoy a few of his Fowl Language comics below, and you can help support Gordon’s work here. 

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