KeiKi O Ka Aina Youth Programs

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Keiki O Ka Aina
offers multiple youth programs for parents to enroll their children.  It’s
another opportunity to further their child seduction.  This gives parents
a chance to learn about the concepts of Early Education and how they can be
their child’s first and best teacher and help prepare them for success in

Many people
have heard the term STEM, and Keiki O Ka Aina offers STEAM.  The early
childhood years, birth to age 5, are the most critical for brain development.
Young children learn through active exploration and need opportunities to
observe, discover, and explore. Introducing evidenced-based STEM curricula can
set children on a path to develop a love of scientific learning. Children are
naturally curious  about how the world works and giving them chances to
explore the world and how it works will help us create the scientists,
engineers and doctors of tomorrow.

Hawaii has a
goal to diversifying the economy to include more technology-related job
opportunities, and grooming future professionals to pursue STEAM fields can
begin in early childhood education. Children who start with a love for science
has been shown to carry on throughout their education. STEAM curriculum can
also help to improve the state’s overall educational outcomes with better
scores in math and science.

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