An open letter to parents of young babies and children who struggle with developmental disorders and people in general. To parents I applaud your courage, tenacity and undying love for your children struggling with developmental disorders or just being children. To people in general, get over yourself and show some empathy to those that struggle.… (0 comment)

Each of us has been fortunate enough to have had someone in our lives have a positive affect on us. Some of us remember a teacher that made a difference at a critical time. Some had parents, grandparents or other relatives to lean on. For others, it may have been a rabbi or pastor. We… (0 comment)

The nature of violent crime is the loss of life, or the maiming and/or destruction of a life to such a degree that the victim seldom, if ever, recovers fully from the incident. Another aspect of the nature of violent crime is, in this writer’s view and experience within the system, the lack of and/or… (0 comment)

The Soul of Soulwork is integrity – a joyful expression of life that brings insight and understanding. Do you want to coach people to untangle difficult relationships and find emotional maturity. What happens in a Mental Breakdown? A nervous, mental or emotional breakdown may include a temporary collapse or disintegration of personality. This may involve… (0 comment)